How much chemical should be put in a pool?

Answer An improper balance of chemicals in swimming pool water leads to cloudy and potentially harmful water. When maintaining chemical levels, consideration should be given to what the pool is lined with... Read More »

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Can allowing children to throw pennies in the pool cause chemical balance problems in a chlorine pool like affecting the PH and causing metal stains?

If your pool is properly water balanced and has a pH near 7.5 (certainly greater than 7.2), then it is unlikely that the copper pennies will be a problem with either water balance or stains. Rememb... Read More »

Pool Chemical Instructions?

Pool chemistry is an integral part of having a swimming pool. Whether it's a backyard wading pool or an Olympic-size competition pool continuous and knowledgeable care are required for maintenance ... Read More »

Pool Chemical Problems?

Pool chemicals can react in different ways when combined with certain other additives or environmental conditions. Knowing what to look for as well as what to add before situations become problems ... Read More »

What should the chemical levels on my above ground pool be?

Outdoor pools need to have a pH within the range of 7.2 to 7.8 and retain an alkalinity within 80 to 120ppm. For calcium hardness, the recommended range is 200 to 400ppm, and the saturation index s... Read More »