How much charcoal is used for grilling?

Answer When you are preparing to barbecue food that cooks in 15 to 20 minutes, add enough charcoal to cover the entire grill area with two to three layers. Add another layer for each additional 10 minutes... Read More »

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Is grilling charcoal activated?

Grilling charcoal is not activated. Grilling charcoal is a burned form of wood and other carbon-based substances such as animal bones or plant husks. It contains a mixture of organic elements along... Read More »

Outdoor Grilling: Gas or Charcoal?

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How to Prepare a Charcoal Barbecue for Grilling?

This article will give you simple steps to ensuring your charcoal grilled steaks are evenly cooked as part of the preparation process.

How does pan frying affect the flavour of my marinated steak as opposed to charcoal grilling?

I would broil it, it very close to char grilling in that it uses radiat heat for the cooking instead of conduction as a frying pan would.