How much cash is needed to buy a house?

Answer Mortgage loan lenders encourage buyers to make a down payment of at least 20 percent on a home, but will lend money for even as small as a 3 percent down payment. You should aim to purchase a home ... Read More »

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How much cash is needed for an Alaskan cruise?

As of November 2009, a seven-night Alaskan cruise for summer 2010 costs as little as $450. This is the price for an interior room. Outside rooms and suites can cost more than twice that price.Sourc... Read More »

How much money is needed to sell a house?

Costs of selling a home vary greatly. If you plan to sell it on your own, you need to factor in advertising and closing costs. If you hire a real estate agent, the agent will charge you a percentag... Read More »

How much solar energy is needed to run a house?

To determine how much solar energy you need to run your home, take the average number of kilowatt hours per day that you use and multiply it by 0.25. This will tell you the size of the solar array ... Read More »

How much paint is needed for the inside of your house?

On One Hand: Be PreparedThe amount of paint needed for the inside of a house is determined by the total square foot measurements of the walls and ceilings. Walls that are not completely smooth, hav... Read More »