How much cash can you carry on a plane?

Answer On One Hand: There Is No LimitAccording to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), there is no limit on how much cash, currency or monetary instruments you are allowed to take on a flight, re... Read More »

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How do i carry my insulin on the plane?

I've traveled a few times with my insulin and all of my pump/meter supplies in my carry on luggage. Like everyone said, make sure your prescription info is on all of the medication, put it all in ... Read More »

Can you carry a flashlight on a plane?

Flashlights are permitted aboard airplanes. However, when checking the contents of your luggage, security may deem it necessary to search the inside of the flashlight---removing the light bulb and ... Read More »

Can you buy plane tickets with cash?

You may buy airline tickets with cash at any of the ticket counters in airports. Sometimes airlines will have outposts at malls or other locations, but in person all of these locations will take ca... Read More »

Should i pack an outfit or two for my carry on for the plane?

YES. Better safe than sorry, but pack something comfortable.