How much can you sell a used ipod shuffle for?

Answer Around $30.00 depending on generation.

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How much should I sell my ipod shuffle for?

well ipod shuffles go for around 40$ and ur has a cuple scratches so u shuld sell it fr 30-35$ depending on if u keep the music on it!

How much would a used ipod touch 4g sell for?

Not very much by the looks of it.... get a new case from Ebay ($1) then put it in a draw and forget about it, in 30 years it might be worth something....

How much would you sell a used but in good condition 2 year old ipod nano?

Can an ipod shuffle be used on a philips alarm clock docking entertainment system?

The Philips Docking Entertainment System is not compatible with any version of the iPod Shuffle. However, it works with many iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Mini and iPod Classic models.Referen... Read More »