How much can you sell a laptop for?

Answer You must consider the age, condition and the software installed before you can price your laptop. Typically, around $150 to $400 is what you can expect from the sale of a laptop.Source:Selling You... Read More »

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Should I sell my laptop and buy a new one?

Young lady; If you are going to take care of a new laptop like you took care of the Compaq, then NO - I would not get you one. A laptop that is only a few months old should not be in that condition... Read More »

How much should I sell my laptop for?

It’s "only" 2-3 years old... with new notebooks being released every few months with new technologies your very didnt even say what are the specs.

Should i sell this laptop for 200$?

Why not put it up on eBay and let the market decide?You could also check around to get a sense of the re-sale value of your laptop. Do some homework so you can make a good decision.

What is the best way to sell a gently used laptop?

wipe the hard drive, and do a fresh OEM install just to make sure you are not letting any private info out the door...then sell it in a classified ad or on ebay...DO NOT USE craigslist, ans you hav... Read More »