How much can you pawn a gold necklace for?

Answer A gold necklace can be pawned for $11 to $30. The payout for the necklace increases by the amount of karats in the gold, what condition the necklace is in and the length and width of the jewelry.So... Read More »

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What the most rick from pawn stars has ever spent on a sngle piece of gold?

How to Make a Gold Noodle Necklace?

Pasta noodle necklaces are a classic low-cost craft for kids. However, plain pasta tends to look just that -- plain. While lower-elementary-aged children may be content with the simple necklaces, o... Read More »

Is a necklace marked 585 Italy 14k gold?

A necklace marked "585 Italy" represents 14-karat gold or 14 out of 24 parts gold. The "585" represents the European marking to symbolize the jewelry piece contains 58.5 percent gold--a little more... Read More »

What is the price of 18k gold scrap necklace?

The value of an 18 karat scrap gold necklace depends on its weight and the current price of gold. Multiply the weight in ounces by the current price of gold. Multiply that result by 0.5. This will ... Read More »