How much can you make on a federal return?

Answer A federal tax return is calculated based on income reported to the IRS. If your employer withholds more money than the tax you owe, a refund is issued. There is no established limit for a return. T... Read More »

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How much Social Security income is reportable on a federal tax return?

If you collect income in addition to Social Security, you may owe taxes. You can be sure by adding 50 percent of your benefits to any additional income. If you exceed the base amount for your filin... Read More »

Can you e-file a federal return&mail a state return?

While it is recommended that taxpayers file their state return at the same time that they file their federal return, it is possible to e-file your federal return and file your state return by mail.... Read More »

Do you have to file state Alabama tax return if you file a federal return?

The state of Alabama requires residents to file a state tax return in addition to the federal tax return. Alabama state income tax forms are available online from the Alabama Department of Revenue.... Read More »

How to Amend a Federal Tax Return?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows anyone to make an adjustment or change to an already filed tax return. The reasons for amending a previous tax return are because of a change in dependents... Read More »