How much can you earn without filing taxes?

Answer The requirements for filing a tax return varies between each individual circumstance. Some income such as child support is considered non-taxable income. If you have earned more than $400 in self-e... Read More »

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How many years can I go without filing my taxes?

On One Hand: You don't always have to fileFor those who have a low income, filing taxes isn't always required. Whether you should file depends on your filing status (single/married), your age, and ... Read More »

How much is the fee for filing taxes late?

The fee for filing federal taxes late is 5 percent of the taxes due for each month after the date the taxes should have been filed, according to the Internal Revenue Service. After 60 days, the tax... Read More »

How much are you allowed to make before filing taxes?

A single person is required to file taxes if his income exceeds $12,500 within a single tax year. The taxation begins once the person's income has surpassed the IRS standard deduction of $5,450 and... Read More »

How much income can i make before filing taxes?

If you are single and under 65 years old, and you make less than $9,350 year, you do not have to file your federal income taxes. However, this changes if you are self-employed; you must report any ... Read More »