How much can be made on certificates of deposit?

Answer Certificates of deposit have interest rates varying from slightly more than 1 percent on short-term CDs to more than 3 percent on longer-term CDs (as of November 2009).Source:CD rate index

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How to Buy Spanish Certificates of Deposit?

A certificate of deposit is a temporary, low-risk investment. The amount invested accrues a fixed interest rate as income during a fixed period of time. In Spain, as in many other countries, most b... Read More »

How do certificates of deposit mature?

A certificate of deposit, (CD), is a deposit account financial institutions issue to consumers to save and invest their money. The terms of a CD can vary. A CD matures when it reaches the end of it... Read More »

How do I calculate certificates of deposit?

The FormulaDivide the interest rate by 365 to find interest rate per day. Add 1 to the interest rate per day. Raise this number to the 365th power. Multiply by the CD deposit.An ExampleFor example,... Read More »

How do certificates of deposit (cds) work?

Certificates of deposit (CD) are issued by banks and other thrift institutions, such as credit unions. When an individual buys a CD, he is paid a guaranteed interest rate for a specified period of ... Read More »