How much can a landlord raise the rent per year?

Answer A landlord can raise the rent as much as he desires each year, within restrictions set by his state, as long as he gives a 30-day notice of the rent increase. In the District of Columbia, rent can ... Read More »

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If I started renting last month and my landlord wanted to raise my rent what legal rights do i have?

Check your rental agreement and see what it says. If that does help you, and if you dont agree with this, let him know that you dont appreciate moving in to something and instantly the rent raises.... Read More »

How much notice is given to raise the rent in Denver, Colorado?

Rental agreements in Denver are regulated by the state of Colorado, which stipulates that if a lease agreement is not in effect, rates for monthly rents can be raised with 10-days notice. If rent i... Read More »

Could you raise rent more than the general adjustment in the next year if you forgo this year's increase in Santa Monica?

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How long can a landlord hold a rent check?

Landlords can hold a check as long as they want. The specifications may be in your renting agreement. However, most banks will only take checks written within the last six months.Source:Check Expir... Read More »