How much can a home value increase annually?

Answer While most home values decrease annually, there are certain homes that gain value due to different factors; history, location, and architecture. However, there is never a steady prediction to how m... Read More »

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Which home improvements increase a home's value?

If you consider selling your house, you must improve your house first to increase its market value. Set it apart from other houses by adding more features and adding more appeal to it. Investing in... Read More »

How to Increase the Value of Your Home?

The notion that "home improvement increases value" is really true. In fact, home improvement is the smartest way to increase value. The profile of the house is the first thing that the buyers will ... Read More »

Do pools increase the value of a home?

AnswerTypically no. Most people don't want a pool. However that isn't to say that it could be persuasive for the perosn that does want one.This blog tackles the question quite well:http://poolremov... Read More »

How do I increase a home's appraisal?

Curb AppealClean up and improve the way your house looks on the outside. Clean up any garbage or debris, paint the exterior, and, if there is a front porch, make it look inviting. Also, do some lan... Read More »