How much can a ceiling fan save on heating costs?

Answer By moving trapped heat from the ceiling to the living area, ceiling fans provide an average of 10 percent heating-cost savings in the winter. Ceiling fans also provide an average of 40 percent cool... Read More »

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How to Use a Ceiling Fan to Reduce Heating Costs?

Reducing your heating costs doesn't mean that you have to be cold in your home during a harsh winter. Sometimes, you can reduce costs just by incorporating things you already have around your home,... Read More »

How do I estimate propane heating costs?

Collect the DataTo estimate your propane heating costs, start by collecting the following information: Propane cost per gallon, the energy rating of the propane you will use (usually about 110), yo... Read More »

If you are building a new home what factors should you consider to keep heating and cooling costs down?

The most important is heat gain and heat loss of the house, ie/ good windows and doors, along with plenty of insulation, it is also important to size your heating and cooling unit properly, oversiz... Read More »

How to Save Costs While Roaming?

To save some cost while roaming you could choose to do any or a combination of the following actions below