How much can a USB flash drive hold?

Answer A 1 GB USB flash drive will hold approximately 250 MP3 songs or 350 digital camera photos. A 2 GB drive will double that. The bigger the drive, the more it stores.Source:Song CapacityPhoto Capacity

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How much can a 256 MB flash drive hold?

A 256MB USB hard drive can hold more data than a typical 1.44MB floppy disk. It can store more than 2,600 100KB-documents, for example. Assuming a typical song is 3MB, it can store roughly 85 music... Read More »

How much data can a USB flash drive hold?

The amount of data a USB flash drive can hold depends on its size. For instance, a 1 GB USB flash drive holds 980 MB of storage, with the remaining 20 MB devoted to the firmware needed for the driv... Read More »

How much text can a 256-MB flash drive hold?

Depending on the file format of the text, a 256-MB flash drive could hold up to approximately 64,000 pages. This maximum is attainable by using a simple text editor. For more complex word processor... Read More »

How much does a one GB flash drive hold?

A flash drive is a portable device for storing files. The amount of data you can store on a 1 GB flash drive depends on the file types and sizes. estimates that it can hold 640 photogra... Read More »