How much can a 60gb hard drive hold?

Answer 61,440 Megabytes of data which is equivalent to about 15,000 music files (mp3s). Or about 30 games that need about 2 gigs of space each. It can probably hold about 100-200 movies.

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My daughters laptop runs slow a lot it has a 60gb hard drive would it run any quicker with a bigger drive?

Like Macbook Pro said, " Your Hard drive does affect your computer speed" something like that, which is correct.Imagine you have important papers randomly scattered all over your desk—in order to... Read More »

Do i really need a 60gb hard drive for xbox 360?

A 60 GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 may not be required if you do not intend to download extra content. To download game demos, trailers and special game features, a larger hard drive is necessary.... Read More »

How to Upgrade a 20Gb to a 60Gb Driver Hard Drive on XBox 360 Pro?

The Xbox 360 Pro originally was manufactured with a 20GB hard drive. The Xbox 360 hard drive can easily be removed and inserted into the console, making upgrading to a larger 60GB hard drive a prac... Read More »

What Can an External Hard Drive Hold?

An external hard drive can hold just about anything and do anything that an internal hard drive can do. However, due to the increased portability of an external hard drive, some are more practical ... Read More »