How much can a 1gb jump drive hold?

Answer A 1 GB jump drive or USB drive holds approximately one gigabyte (one thousand megabytes) of data. According to CNET, that is equivalent to about 240 average MP3s or 15,000 photos.Source:CNET: iPod ... Read More »

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How many pictures does a 256 MB jump drive hold?

A 256 MB jump drive can hold approximately 134 eight-megapixel pictures in the JPEG format at full quality, or 21 eight-megapixel pictures in the RAW12 format. The number of pictures can be increas... Read More »

How much music would a 2 gig jump drive hold?

Two gigabytes (2GB) of flash drive storage space can hold approximately 500 songs. However, the length and quality of a sound file affects its size; if your music library includes many long or high... Read More »

How to Convert an Internal Hard Drive to an External Jump Drive?

An external "jump" drive is a drive that can be attached to a USB port, allowing for fast and simple access to the data therein. Converting your existing internal hard drive into an external drive ... Read More »

How to Make a Backup of Hard Drive to a Jump Drive?

Jump drives, often referred to as USB drives, use flash memory technology. These small devices plug into your computer's USB port and are typically used to store and transfer files to and from your... Read More »