How much can I lose if I stopped eating for 3 monthss?

Answer lol @ the overdramatic answers from foodiesYou'd lose like. A lot of weight. I've fasted for 2-3 weeks at a time with no food, just water and coffee for energy. I've done this several times, and cl... Read More »

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What to Give a Pet Chicken if It Stopped Eating?

Birds eat almost continually and do not show signs of illness readily. Chickens that have stopped eating are very ill or seriously injured. If the bird has become broody and is sitting on her nest ... Read More »

My Cat Lost a Lot of Weight & Stopped Eating?

Weight loss and loss of appetite in a cat should cause concern. While the solution may be as simple as offering extra attention to thwart depression or separation anxiety, the same symptoms could s... Read More »

Once a dying person has stopped eating, how much longer do they live?

Stopped eating but still drinking can be anything from a few days to a few weeks.Mum lasted 6 weeks after she stopped eating.Love you Mum, RIP.

Did you lose weight when you stopped drinking alcohol?

Here's my thought: if you drink beer, cut it out of your diet completely, even if you still drink other alcohols such as hard liquor or true wine. Remember that what we call "wine coolers" in the ... Read More »