How much can I lift in the 1st trimester of pregnancy?

Answer Consult a health care provider for personal recommendations, as every pregnancy varies. A general recommendation is to avoid repetitively lifting objects weighing 50 pounds or more in the first tri... Read More »

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How much weight should a woman lift in her second trimester?

How much weight should a pregnant woman lift in her first trimester?

How long is the second trimester of pregnancy?

Trimester= three simesters. If pregnancy lasts nine months, common sense would lead me to believe the 2nd trimester is three months.

Is it normal not to eat during 1st trimester of pregnancy?

It is normal to have trouble eating, but you need to do your best, because it is not good for you or the baby if you don´t eat. If you do not eat enough calories and nutrients for the both of you,... Read More »