How much can I expect to collect from unemployment?

Answer Unemployment benefits differ by state. In general, benefits cover six months of active job searching, and can be extended under certain circumstances. How much you collect also varies based on earn... Read More »

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How much unemployment can I collect in Texas?

Texas determines the amount of unemployment benefit based on the recipient's past four quarter earnings. The maximum weekly benefit as of December 2009 was $406. Someone who earned $5,000 per month... Read More »

How much can you earn and still collect unemployment?

The amount of money you're allowed to earn and still collect unemployment varies from state to state. In Texas your earnings allowance is 125 percent of your weekly benefit amount. In the state of ... Read More »

How Much Can I Collect on Partial Unemployment in New Jersey?

New Jersey offers partial unemployment to its claimants to include those who experience partial loss of work in its unemployment insurance plan. Before you can receive partial unemployment, you mus... Read More »

Can you collect unemployment if you resign from a job?

The ability to collect unemployment if you resigned varies from state to state. In general, you must prove that you tried to keep your job--that you talked to your boss, attempted to resolve any pr... Read More »