How much can I expect for financial aid?

Answer Yes, you can get Stafford loans. The max amount you can borrow as a senior independent student is $10,500 a year. Some folks are disappointed to discover that not always does not reporting your p... Read More »

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If a family is making over $250,000 a year can they expect to receive financial aid for college?

You can always apply for financial aid (be sure to complete the FAFSA application - )However, you may not be granted any financial aid, except possibly loans (which will hav... Read More »

How did the branch 1111 US Postal Carrier Union in Richmond CA expect you to get legal and financial help after being illegally fired with a ecxepted US Department of Labor Injury claim filed in 2006?

During the time in the Naval Academy, individuals have the opportunity to choose whether they want to go Navy or Marine Corps. Once they receive their commission in the appropriate service, they w... Read More »

How much can I expect to pay for a new muffler?

The average cost of an after-market muffler for a car was $110 to $218, according to, as of 2007, and $255 to $380 for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. For a minivan, tr... Read More »

How much can I expect to pay for food in Chicago?

Set a budget for yourself. Say you will buy a breakfast sandwich and a drink and spend 3 dollars for breakfast, buy a slice of pizza or a hot dog for lunch and spend about $20-25 for a night out at... Read More »