How much cake batter should you use for different pan sizes?

Answer A six-inch round cake pan holds two to three cups of cake batter, and a 10-inch round cake pan holds six to eight cups. A standard muffin tin holds about 1/4 cup of batter. A 9x13-inch pan holds ab... Read More »

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Is cupcake batter different from cake batter?

No, cupcake and cake batter are the same. The differences are the type of pan you use and how long and at what temperature you need to bake the batter.Source:"Hello, Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful ... Read More »

How Much Batter Should I Put in a Cake Pan?

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How many boxes of cake mix are needed for different pan sizes?

One box of traditional cake mix makes 4 to 6 cups of batter, so keep that fact in mind as you are baking. If you know the capacity of your pans, you'll be able to do conversions to figure out how m... Read More »

How Are Plus Sizes Different From Regular Sizes?

You may think the name says it all, but plus-size clothing differs in many ways from standard sizes---and not just in the numbers on the label. Shopping in plus sizes can be confusing at first, but... Read More »