How much caffeine is in Tazo zen green tea?

Answer Tazo's Zen Green Tea contains caffeine, unless the package specifically states that it is decaffeinated or contains a caffeine-free herbal infusion. Tazo states that they do not know the precise am... Read More »

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How much caffeine does Tazo Passion Tea have?

Tazo Passion Tea is naturally caffeine free, since it is an herbal infusion and does not contain any tea leaves. Tazo Passion Tea is a blend of berries, flowers and fruit peels.Source:Coffee AM: Ta... Read More »

What is Tazo green tea?

Tazo green tea is a range of green teas in a variety of flavous and infusions, manufactured by the company Tazo, which is owned by Starbucks.The Tazo EthosTazo, founded in 1994 by tea specialist St... Read More »

Is tazo iced green tea from starbucks healthy?

it's never too hot for hot tea, but yes, iced green tea is healthy. Just don't add to much sweetner.

How much caffeine does green tea contain?

Green tea naturally contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine depends on serving size, but one green tea bag in 8 oz. of water contains an average of 20 mg per serving or 2.5 mg per oz.Source:Stash... Read More »