How much blueberry juice should you drink each day?

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Do you like Juice Do you drink lots of soft drink or fruit juice?

I eat different varieties of fruits and drink water.

What are the benefits of wild blueberry juice?

Regular blueberries bought at the supermarket are already known to have health benefits, but wild blueberries might be a better choice. These types of blueberries could prevent diabetes and arthrit... Read More »

Is blueberry juice a remedy for diarrhea?

On One Hand: Blueberry Juice Is a Folk Remedy for DiarrheaBlueberry juice is a folk remedy commonly used to treat diarrhea. According to, blueberries contain a dye and tannic acid; ... Read More »

Blueberry Muffin Blueberry Pie Or Blueberry Pancake Which from this list do you like better?

Blueberry muffin. My favorite muffin. :) Happy Memorial Day to you too Scooter!