How much blown insulation do I need?

Answer Insulating a home adds value to the home and reduces heating and cooling costs. The type of insulation you choose depends on the size of the home and where the insulation will be placed. In the cas... Read More »

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How much blown in wall insulation will I need?

Blown in wall insulation such as cellulose costs less than $1 per square foot, depending on R-value, so a home with 1,000 square feet of wall space would need $1,000 or less worth of blown in insul... Read More »

How much is blown insulation?

The cost of blown insulation ranges from $0.40 per square foot to $3.50 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the thermal performance rating of the insulation, known at the R-factor. The amount... Read More »

How much blown in insulation would it take to achieve an R49?

The most common blown-in insulation, cellulose, has an R-value of about 3.7 per inch, so it would take about 13 to 14 inches to get an insulating value of R49. Blown fiberglass and blown rockwool h... Read More »

DIY Blown-In Wall Insulation?

To have an energy-efficient home you need good insulation to prevent hot air from escaping through the walls. In old houses, the insulation may be worn and ineffective, but behind walls that do not... Read More »