How much blood would you call spotting?

Answer Spotting is considered to be pink or brown and just a little drips every couple of hours or so

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Could stomach itches and missed periods with some spotting of red blood and some brown blood be signs of pregnancy?

AnswerStomach itches are usually just that but the bleeding and spotting need to be checked out. Pregnancy, cysts, endometriosis, along with just a fluke could all be possibilities. See a doctor.Al... Read More »

Does spotting brown blood mean your pregnant?

No it doesnt, It just mean it's old blood..If your that worried about it you could go to yourdoctors and have them over look it...

What does really light spotting but dark and thick blood mean if you have irregular periods?

Answer Hello - This bleeding could be due to pregnancy or due to irregular period bleeding. See your doctor hun for a blood test. Answer dark thick blood just means you have a bunch o... Read More »

Why do you have thick white discharge and blood spotting at thirty-six weeks pregnant?