Does your body grow more blood vessels?

Answer Your body generally will not grow new blood vessels unless under specific conditions. Pregnancy and the healing of an injury are the most common instances in which your body will grow new blood ves... Read More »

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Why does blood turn red as it circulates through the body?

It actually turns blue, except when it goes through the lungs where the hemoglobin becomes loaded with oxygen. Then it becomes red again.

Is this low blood sugar or is my body saying im hungry?

No, you are just hungry. You are growing and need a lot of food!The signs of hypoglycemia are:-Sweating-Paleness-Shakiness-Dizziness-Confusion-Feelings of anxietyThe fact you feel like your stomach... Read More »

How does the body compensate for blood loss?

The body compensates by entering Hypovolemic shock. Hormones get released that will constrict your peripheral blood vessels to keep your blood in your core. Your heart rate will increase and your r... Read More »

How Much Blood Does the Average Newborn Have in His or Her Body?

A newborn baby from 15 to 30 minutes of age has 76.5 ml of blood per kg of body weight. At the age of 24 hours, this rises to 83.3 ml per kg of body weight.Source:University of Michigan Blood Draw ... Read More »