How much blood is in a newborn baby?

Answer The volume of blood in a newborn baby depends on weight. Newborns average 80 ml per kg. For example, an 8-lb. newborn's blood volume would equal 290 ml of total blood volume, which equals 9.8 fluid... Read More »

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How do you calculate blood volume of a newborn baby?

To estimate blood volume of a new born baby the following calculation is used: EBV= weight (kg) * Average blood volume Average blood volume for a full term neonate is 85 mL/kg Average blood volu... Read More »

How Much Blood Does the Average Newborn Have in His or Her Body?

A newborn baby from 15 to 30 minutes of age has 76.5 ml of blood per kg of body weight. At the age of 24 hours, this rises to 83.3 ml per kg of body weight.Source:University of Michigan Blood Draw ... Read More »

How much does a newborn baby eat?

Feed him/her on demand when hungry. The general guideline for feeding a newborn is for infants 0-3 weeks: 8-10 feedings daily of 2-3 oz / 60-100 ml per feeding; for infants 1-4 months: 6-8 feedings... Read More »

How much does a newborn baby cost?

Well it cost different amounts depending on what you want to do. You can do like I did and spoil him before he's born and that can cost thousands. OR you can buy the essentials like diapers, clothe... Read More »