PLEASE!! If you are losing too much blood can you survive by drinking the blood that's coming out?

Answer No. Blood is in the veins. Drinking it leads the blood into the digestive system, which won't help because you need it in your veins. Don't do it, you'll get sick! Blood is blue in your veins. Once... Read More »

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How much blood is taken in a blood test?

They put an elastic band around your arm to make your veins stand out. Then they put a needle in your vein and release the elastic. The tube fills with about three tablespoons of blood. They pul... Read More »

How much is too much salt for a person with high-blood pressure?

On One Hand: Limit SaltA person with high-blood pressure should consume no more than 1,500 mg of sodium, or about two-thirds of a teaspoon of salt, per day, according to the Centers for Disease Con... Read More »

How much blood sugar is too much for diabetic people?

How much calcium in blood is too much?

Blood calcium levels exceeding 10.5 mg/dL for adults and 10.8 mg/dL for children are typically considered high, and may indicate an underlying health issue such as hyperparathyroidism or kidney dis... Read More »