How much blood does an average child have?

Answer 1500 pints

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What Is the Average Blood Pressure for a Child?

The average blood pressure for a child is 106 mm Hg systolic and 61.7 mm Hg diastolic (106/61.7). This is based on clinical research involving over 5,000 children by the National Health and Nutriti... Read More »

Can an O negative blood type father parent an A positive blood type child?

AnswerYes, so long as the mother is either A+ or AB+yes even if the mother is Q+.**Yes. My son is 0- and my daughter in law is 0+ and they just had a A+ baby boy. It is very rare but the doctor sai... Read More »

If mother with blood group O has child with blood group A would there be pregnancy complications?

No type O and type A blood groups will not cause a complication in pregnancy.

What is the average blood pessure?

it is 80/120 but here is the chart in the below link way more detailed