How much blood can a human drink before getting sick?

Answer A minuscule amount of blood --less than a drop, can carry and transmit an unbelievable amount of disease and bacteria, among which are hepatitis, AIDS, Malaria, even STDs (sexually transmitted Dise... Read More »

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How much blood does an average child have?

How much blood does a new born baby have?

I read they have about a cup. Not sure if that is true.

How Much Blood Does the Average Newborn Have in His or Her Body?

A newborn baby from 15 to 30 minutes of age has 76.5 ml of blood per kg of body weight. At the age of 24 hours, this rises to 83.3 ml per kg of body weight.Source:University of Michigan Blood Draw ... Read More »

As a baby how much blood do you have?

In an average healthy adult, the volume of blood is about one-eleventh of the body weight. Most sources state the volume of blood in an average human adult, who is between 150 to 160 pounds, as bet... Read More »