How much blood do you have to lose before you faint?

Answer A quart is enough to make you feel dizzy.You can get by with losing a decent amount of blood in a long period of, what makes you pass out is the sudden decrease in blood pressure.

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How much blood can someone lose before fainting?

The average healthy person has approximately 6 litres / 12 pints of blood - loss of one third, (1/3), of the total blood volume is fatal. Therefore I would say that a loss of about a litre / 2 pint... Read More »

How much blood can an infant lose before they die?

Call you Pediatrician and schedule an appointment right away. Those doctors are trained for treating children's problems.

How much blood can an adult lose before showing significant signs and symptoms of bleeding?

One pint: Dizzness and headache for a dayTwo pints: Lasting dizziness and headache for a couple days.If I'm wrong, let me know.The funny thing is I was eager to find an answer for this question too... Read More »

How much weight do you have to lose before you need new clothes?

We are all built differently and don't all loose weight in the same area. Some people will loose off their waist first and others will loose off of their hips and thighs first.On an "average" they... Read More »