How much blood do girls loose on there period?

Answer Not a lot - a small spoonful. It looks a lot more though because it's mixed with the uterine lining.

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I am losing ALOT of blood on my period any girls please help!!!!?

if it is abnormaly different see hoq it is within a few hours and maybe ring emergancy doctors up... i dont know if you are in the uk or out but if in uk do ring doctors or go to a&e just get chec... Read More »

What happens when you loose too much blood?

Well this could've been dehydration or yes blood loss fits in those symptoms. You should be really careful.

Im 13, and yesterday i went to the bathroom and there was blood in my underwear! Is this my period?

OMG! yah it is! Tell your mom or whoever is in charge of you! When I got mine (I was 12 when I got it) I told my mom and she was all happy (it was SO freaky) Dont freak out about it. It should last... Read More »

Sex on oct 20 nov19- light spotting the day period was due 1031 then offon period wnorm flow 5 days later sore breasts next period not due til sat -HPT yesterday is a blood test recommended?

Answer You had a normal flow period - no chance of pregnancy.