How much blood comes when the hymen breaks?

Answer Only 2/10 bleeds and then it's just spotting for 1-2 days. Usually it's bleeding due to a small tear, not the hymen, because you were too nervous and not lubricated enough.

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How do you know when your hymen breaks?

Answer It's not a "Cherry", but a "Hymen" and you should have learned that much in your course at school. It's time to hit the Internet and find out more about your body and how to practice safe ... Read More »

How does it feel when your hymen breaks?

Hymen Breaking FYI- Hymen is the medically correct term for the thin layer of tissue that partly covers the entrance of the vagina. But, it is commonly referred to as Cherry (in slang terminology) ... Read More »

Does it hurt when a hymen breaks?

Why don't you ask your mother? I really don't know @.@. I'm not married yet.

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