How much blood can an infant lose before they die?

Answer Call you Pediatrician and schedule an appointment right away. Those doctors are trained for treating children's problems.

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How much blood do you have to lose before you faint?

A quart is enough to make you feel dizzy.You can get by with losing a decent amount of blood in a long period of, what makes you pass out is the sudden decrease in blood pressure.

How much blood can someone lose before fainting?

The average healthy person has approximately 6 litres / 12 pints of blood - loss of one third, (1/3), of the total blood volume is fatal. Therefore I would say that a loss of about a litre / 2 pint... Read More »

How much blood can an adult lose before showing significant signs and symptoms of bleeding?

One pint: Dizzness and headache for a dayTwo pints: Lasting dizziness and headache for a couple days.If I'm wrong, let me know.The funny thing is I was eager to find an answer for this question too... Read More »

What happens if you lose too much blood?