How much better would life and the world be if there was no animal cruelty?

Answer PETA wouldn't exist.... if only the world were so lucky...

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Why is animal cruelty not taken seriously?

Because humanity has been taught to agree that we are the rulers of this planet, and that if we pay for an animal that it automatically makes them property giving us the rights to harm them. We als... Read More »

Animal cruelty and vegetarian?

It may not seem like a single person can make much of a difference, but if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change. Sure, one person can't make any difference on their own, but workin... Read More »

Would you consider fishing animal cruelty?

Yes I do. I think suffocating in a net out of your natural environment sounds painful, being hooked in the mouth, being bludgeoned with heavy objects, being thrown back dying into the ocean all sou... Read More »

What is the cruelty of animal testing?

Many people are opposed to animal testing in research and cosmetics laboratories on the grounds that this type of testing is perceived as cruel. There are many reasons for associating animal testin... Read More »