How much bass does Bose headphones have?

Answer Computers do not need to 'register' headphones for the headphones to work. If the plug side of the headphones fits into a port side on the computer then problem solved. You may need to get differen... Read More »

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Which are better Beats over-ear headphones by Dr. Dre or Quiet Comfort 2 over-ear headphones by Bose?

No, neither headphones or a headset comes with the PSP 3000. They must be bought separately, and can be found at many retail stores selling PSPs, games, and accessories, online retail stores like h... Read More »

What is better turtle beach headphones or Bose headphones?

How much bass does the bose 201 speakers have?

I bet no much. I am pretty sure they need a subwoofer. Bose is more geared towards treble than bass, at least the 201s. Like anything be sure you listen before you buy.Best.

You are looking to buy new over-ear headphones for your ipod which headphones have the best sound quality and bass for around 50?

In my research I have found that Hearos HiFi's are re-labeled ER-20's.