How much bandwidth would an international Skype call use?

Answer Skype voice only uses an estimate of 30Mb an hour, so 2 Mb per minute. However it is best to monitor every call to be sure.

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How can I call an international toll free number using Skype?

You better check with Skype. As what I know there are some countries whose international toll free numbers are not yet supported.

Skype Bandwidth on Mifi?

Hi Fernando,If you have skype in the background, it shouldn't use much bandwidth but I don't know how much.I do know from the testing we've done at MifiClub, we found for Skype calls over iPhone on... Read More »

Is it an international cellular call when you call canada?

Calling Canada using a cell phone from the United states is considered an international cellular call. Your cell phone company might charge additional fees for such a call, so check the rates befor... Read More »

Do you think optus is blocking skype on international calls?

Skype is on the internet and there is no for for Optus to know.