How much babies does a rhino have during one pregnancy?

Answer they have it and it is very small and very tiny

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How many babies can a rhino have?

A rhino can have up to 1 baby because it's so big.

Does safrron consuming during pregnancy make babies skin glow?

Saffron has no luminescent components and therefore cannot in any way make a baby's skin glow. This is apparently a myth, i.e. something that is not true.

Is group b strep hereditary I had it during my pregnancy will my sister have it during her pregnancy?

I had group b during my first pregnancy, but negative on my second and third. Weird huh?! It's not hereditary. It's something that comes and goes on it's own. Now it's something that they take care... Read More »

How much does a doula cost during pregnancy?

AnswerIt depends greatly on the qualifications of the doula, the services you want (how much time you will want her to spend with you), geographic areas, etc. In my area, the Pacific Northwest, dou... Read More »