How much babies does a rhino have during one pregnancy?

Answer they have it and it is very small and very tiny

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How many babies can a rhino have?

A rhino can have up to 1 baby because it's so big.

Do second babies come sooner in pregnancy?

It is a popular theory that 2nd and subsequent babies do have a decreased gestational period, but this is not a fact. It depends entirely upon when your body decides that your baby is ready to be b... Read More »

Do some medicine taken during pregnancy cause adhd in babies?

Answer yes my mother in law got pregnant with my husband while on the pill and my friend got pregnant while on the pill and she had been on it a while!!! Answer Yes. It's 99.9% effective but there'... Read More »

Things know one told you about pregnancy/labor & babies....?

I am going to be 35 weeks this Friday and I find being pregnant very interesting, yet more difficult than I thought. Here are some of mine...*Being able to go to sleep after I get off work and slee... Read More »