How much aspirin can I give my dog?

Answer The recommended canine dosage for aspirin is 10 mg for each pound of the dog's body weight. Aspirin may be administered to dogs orally twice a day or every 12 hours.Source:Pain and Pain Control in ... Read More »

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Can i give my dog tylenol or aspirin?

On One Hand: Benefits for DogsFor dogs with arthritis or joint pain, the human painkillers aspirin and Tylenol provide relief. Given in carefully administered small doses, aspirin, especially, is w... Read More »

Can you give baby aspirin to your dog?

Baby aspirin is a smaller dosage of regular aspirin. However, neither aspirin or baby aspirin should be given to dogs unless recommended by a veterinarian. This is because today there are safer alt... Read More »

How much aspirin should you give a 120-pound dog?

On One Hand: Pain RelieverAspirin has been shown to help alleviate pain in dogs, namely with arthritis, fever or general soreness. Aspirin can be given with food, once every 12 hours. The standar... Read More »

Why shouldn't you give children aspirin?

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