How much asbestos is still in brakes?

Answer Cars made since 1993 do not contain asbestos in their brake pads. However, older model cars can contain various amounts of asbestos. One brake drum can release millions of asbestos fibers into the ... Read More »

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Is asbestos used in brakes?

The U.S. automotive industry still uses asbestos in brake pads and in brake linings along with other car parts. Brakes imported from outside the U.S. have a higher amount of asbestos in the materia... Read More »

Is asbestos still used in brake pads?

In 2010, asbestos is still found in brake pads, though the majority of brake manufacturers no longer use the deadly chemical in their newer products. Most brake pads that contain asbestos are impor... Read More »

Are asbestos brake discs still manufactured?

Asbestos disc brake pads are still under manufacture today, though they are seldom part of the original equipment on new cars. Many aftermarket parts suppliers still use asbestos in their brake pad... Read More »

Is asbestos still used in Volvo brake pads?

Asbestos and carbon were some of the components originally used to make Volvo brake pads. These substances were banned from being used and were replaced with semi-metallic material. Some of the mat... Read More »