How much are vintage Barbie dolls worth?

Answer Collecting vintage Barbie dolls is a popular hobby among toy enthusiasts, and the early Barbies are some of the most sought-after dolls on the market. Establishing a doll's worth can depend on many... Read More »

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How much were barbie dolls sold for in 1959?

According to Fast Company, when Barbie came out in 1959, she originally sold for $3. One of these originals was auctioned off at $27,450 in 2006. As of April 2010, a Barbie Fashionistas Artsy Doll ... Read More »

How much are collectors willing to pay for a vintage Barbie doll?

The value of a vintage Barbie doll is subjective depends on: age, condition, rarity, current popularity and the individual collector. Prices can range from $10 to thousands of dollars. If you have ... Read More »

How much are Effanbee dolls worth?

Children and collectors have valued Effanbee dolls since they were first manufactured around 1910. Many have survived nearly a hundred years and are now available in many price ranges depending on ... Read More »

How to Store Barbie Dolls?

People all around the world collect dolls, and a large percentage collect the iconic Barbie doll. Most doll collectors do not have room to keep their extensive collections on display at all times, ... Read More »