How much are underwater disposable cameras?

Answer Underwater disposable cameras typically cost between $5 and $20 each. The type and quantity of film affect the price you can expect to pay, as does the brand of the camera and the place where you p... Read More »

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How much do disposable cameras cost?

Disposable cameras cost anywhere from 10 to 60 dollars depending on the type of camera you want. The disposable cameras from Kodak are usually less expensive than other cameras from Sony.

Do disposable cameras expire?

Yes, disposable cameras expire. Most disposable cameras have a printed expiration date on the camera or packaging. According to Cameras101, disposable cameras usually remain effective for a few mon... Read More »

Can you buy disposable digital cameras?

A San Francisco company called Pure Digital Technologies seems to make an honest-to-Pete 25-shot disposable digital. This appears to be a real digital, not just a film camera that comes with a CD. ... Read More »

Can underwater cameras be used on land?

Nice question...:)Yes..., BUT, underwater cameras are essentially designed for use underwater, so it also has bulky protective casings which keeps the camera watertight and protects it from getting... Read More »