How much are u supposed to tip at a serve urself buffett?

Answer Tipping yourself is a funny answer. According to you are supposed to tip 5%-10%. I suspect it's because of the people who fill your water and the people who clean up after you ... Read More »

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How am I supposed to serve all this Japanese food?

well first you're gonna have to scrape all the lacquer off of your bowls.

How to make urself shorter?

Why in the world would you want to get shorter?! I'm super short, my dream is to grow a few more inches. At least you can fit into all those nice clothes, dresses and bras!! Even though you want to... Read More »

On a scale of 1-10 what would u rate urself?

I would honestly give my self a 9 im not perfect but im pretty damn pleased with what I got!

Any websites where u see urself older?

There are no websites to do it. But there is a software:…