How much are the printer inks at stores?

Answer Depending on the brand, the price range is between $20-40 on ebay and amazon.This is including the discount from here…for the lowest price, it seems like H... Read More »

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EPSON XP202 PRINTER INKS, how much to replace in the UK?

I got some yesterday for my XP-202 from Asda (they didn't have it in last week, but do now). I needed a cyan and a black. (£6.95 & £8.95 respectively). To be honest it's a good printer (good imag... Read More »

Eco inks for a Roland printer?

Is it ok to mix original and compatible inks in my printer?

Answer is YES and NO.YES, if your printer can handle foreign ink through its jets, then by all means, it's cheaper!NO...1. If you take a tank (spent cartridge) which is still going to have at least... Read More »

Best online prices for printer inks?

This is the place!!! They sell quality ink, custom refillable cartridges, etc for great prices. Tell them Blamay22000 sent you. I have an Epson workforce 500 and got 4 custom refillables with ink i... Read More »