How much can my Dodge truck tow?

Answer It depends on which model Dodge truck you drive. The Dodge Ram 3500 was rated the top towing vehicle by Edmunds, with 16,000 lb. of towing capacity. The Dodge Durango was ranked fourth with 8,950 l... Read More »

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How much can a 1984 dodge ram tow?

When a 1984 Dodge Ram pickup truck is properly equipped with a Class III trailer hitch, the gross towing-weight is 5,000 lbs, according to Maximum tongue weight is 500 lbs. The maximu... Read More »

How much can a Dodge Durango pull?

According to Dodge, the 2009 Dodge Durango has a 3,800 lb. towing capacity with a 3.7L Magnum V6 engine; a 6,000 lb. towing capacity with the Flex Fuel 4.7L V8; and an 8,950 lb. towing capacity wit... Read More »

How much are Dodge Ram camper shells?

Dodge Ram camper shells vary in price depending on the year. For example, a camper shell for a 1994 Dodge starts at $545.95, while one for 2008 starts at $689.95.References:Auto Anything

How much horsepower does a Dodge 318 have?

According to Chrysler, the 318-cubic-inch or 5.2L V8 engine found in the 1970 Dodge Challenger delivers 230 horsepower. Edmunds says that the engine was used by Chrysler to power select Dodge picku... Read More »