How much are the digital tv converters at Wal-Mart?

Answer About $20.00 "with" the coupon from the gov...about $45.00 to $50.00 without...But the gossip is everyone is out...I mean that is what my local paper said..

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Whats the difference between the operations of Analogue to digital and Digital to analogue converters?

This matter requires far more information than can be given here, and, in fact, quite a lot more than you can get from Wikipedia.Get and read a copy of "Principles Of Digital Audio" by Ken Pohlmann.

Do new TVs have analog to digital converters?

No. As of June 12, 2009, Congress mandated that all full-power television stations transmit in digital only. Analog-to-digital converters are only necessary for older televisions that are made to r... Read More »

Can digital tv signal converters be made to work for TV-band radios?

If you can connect the RF output of the converter to the RF input of the radio, it will work. You'll have to set the radio to channel 3 or 4.But why bother. Just use the audio outputs from the conv... Read More »

Will an antenna amplifier work with analog to digital converters?

Antennas with amplifiers to boost signal strength can be used with digital-to-analog converter boxes. In fact, in you live in certain geographical locations, the Consumer Electronics Association re... Read More »