How do I get the cheapest tickets?

Answer Searching for the cheapest airline tickets can be time-consuming, frustrating and even challenging when you are trying to find the best deals out there. With a few simple steps you can eliminate th... Read More »

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When are plane tickets the cheapest?

Plane ticket prices are raised for the weekends on Friday and drop back down in price on Mondays. Most people book on Mondays and Tuesdays, so try to book on a Wednesday to avoid the rush. Also, co... Read More »

When is it cheapest to buy plane tickets?

According to Fare Compare, the cheapest time to buy domestic airline tickets is Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST, and the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. Airline tickets can be purchased at an airport, thro... Read More »

When are airplane tickets the cheapest?

If you're flying during the day or on one of the airlines' busier days, expect a higher range of plane ticket prices. According to a analysis of its fare databases, the cheapest day... Read More »

When are plane tickets cheapest?

Plane tickets are the cheapest during the early part of the week. Ticket prices follow a weekly cycle. Monday night is when most air fare discounts are launched. Tuesdays is the day people purchas... Read More »