Imperial & Royal Crown Jewels?

Answer Crown jewels and imperial jewels serve as the symbol of royalty for the country to which they belong. They can include crowns, rings, scepters or even swords in some cases. Dozens of countries from... Read More »

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Where are the royal Crown Jewels kept?

The Crown Jewels are at the Jewel House in the Tower of London. They have been there since the early 14th century when moved from Westminster Abbey, found to be unsafe.References:English Monarchs: ... Read More »

What is the estimated worth of Jay Leno?

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What is a 1987 Crown Victoria worth?

1987 Ford Crown Victoria values range from $1,300 to $3,500. This varies depending on mileage, original options, condition, and geographic location of the vehicle.Source:Driver SideNADA Guides

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According to the January 27, 2009, issue of the "Economist," newly elected Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno hopes the territory will benefit from new Federal stimulus measures. Governor Fortuno's... Read More »