How much are swim fins?

Answer Swim fins cost $20 and up. The price is affected by brand name, size and quality. Good quality swim fins can cost $100. Swim fins usually go on sale at the end of the summer, sometimes up to 75 per... Read More »

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When were swim fins invented?

Swim fins were invented in 1717 by Benjamin Franklin, an avid swimmer, who developed the fins at the age of 11. They were designed to increase his swimming speed, and would be his first invention.S... Read More »

How to Choose Swim Fins?

Paddle Style Swim FinsThere is no "perfect pair" of swim fins. It varies from person to person, and several factors go into it. However, this guide will explain how to choose the pair of swim fins ... Read More »

Who invented swim fins in 1717?

Benjamin Franklin invented swim fins in 1717. According to PBS, Franklin enjoyed swimming when he was growing up and sought to swim faster through the use of paddles attached to his hands, allowing... Read More »

How to Trim Morey Swim Fins?

In existence since 1971, Morey Products manufactures body boards and swim fins. The company's Churchill fins are usable in the sport of body-boarding to propel riders more rapidly, or in regular sw... Read More »