How much are stun gun handguns?

Answer The price of stun gun handguns varies widely, based on each gun's style, power and manufacturer. You can purchase a small, personal protection stun gun for under $20, while professional police and ... Read More »

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Do CIA agents carry handguns in the US?

What insurance is required for handguns?

Currently, there are no states or municipalities that require gun owners to insure their weapons. The constitutionality of such regulations would be highly suspect. However, gun insurance is availa... Read More »

How to Dual Wield Pistols (Handguns)?

Shooting one handgun from each hand is a a great idea if you are out on the shooting range and looking for a new challenge. For defensive use against multiple attackers, dual pistols (or akimbo) al... Read More »

What is the official handguns of the US Secret Service?

According to a documentary I just saw, they use the Sig 229.